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Risk based QMS Planner: 9001-2015 2017-05-09

Risk based QMS Planner: ISO 9001-2015 (New Excel Template)

  1. Jennifer Kirley
    This is an upgraded version of the earlier Risk Based Planner.

    This Planner provides forms for planning and documenting Context, listing processes in sequence, and risk using SWOT and risk classification. The Risk-Based Planner is meant to be a living document, suitable for top managers to define and review/update the management system Context, and process owners to define and address process risks

Recent Reviews

  1. kibitzer
    Version: 2017-05-09
    I appreciate this risk Planner. One filled exemplary form will be more helpful...
  2. Raffy
    Version: 2017-05-09
    Thank you for sharing. Said planner makes it more easy for me to understand the risk based thinking.
  3. qafairy
    Version: 2017-05-09
    I am excited to give this a try in my organization. Has anybody used this already and gained positive insights?
  4. peanut
    Version: 2017-05-09
    with detail comments, and a little similar with FMEA