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Risk Based Planner 2015-09-16

Risk Based Planner - Excel Template

  1. Jennifer Kirley
    The requirements for Risk Based Thinking (RBT) have been confusing and continue to be energetically debated.

    This tool kit is intended to provide some information and options for organizations that do not have the resources or need for a formal risk management program.

    The Excel-based tool applies Aspects and Impacts/Risk-Hazard evaluation methods used in Environmental and Safety Management Systems, but also provides a means to list related codes and regulations, procedures and the results of actions taken. If used fully, it could help provide a system road map for new managers for Knowledge Management purposes.

    Note: This attached Excel spreadsheet contains macros.
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  1. Risk Based Planner

Recent Reviews

  1. Raffy
    Version: 2015-09-16
    Excellent, less time on my part. Thank you.
  2. Bob@PTE
    Version: 2015-09-16
    Excellent, this may save countless hours! Thanks.