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The Quality Forum Online Terms of Service (TOS) & Rules

Discussion in 'Forum News, TOS and Policies' started by Atul Khandekar, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Atul Khandekar

    Atul Khandekar Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 24, 2015
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    Pune, India
    The Quality Forum Online Terms of Service (TOS):

    The Quality Forum Online is a free and open community. The focus of the Forums is to create a platform for all Quality and Business professionals from all over the world to discuss issues and concerns regarding Quality and Business Management Systems, Tools and Techniques. It is intended for People to Help People.


    Registration in The Quality Forum Online is Free! However it is mandatory for registered members to agree to the basic Terms Of Services (TOS), Rules and Policies detailed here.

    Content Moderation:

    The posts and their content is moderated by forum administrators and moderators. The admins / moderators may remove any objectionable content and any content that violates the TOS.

    All posts and attachments in the forum are in public domain. The posts made in the forums express the opinions of the post author.

    The following text briefly outlines the rules of conduct expected from forum members, and forms a part of the TOS:

    Prohibited Use:

    The following activities are not permitted in forum posts, personal messaging and other forum areas:

    1. Posts and personal messages containing Spam.
    2. Posts made with the purpose of advertising of products & services, and blatant self-promotion. If you wish to advertise, please contact the forum Admin.
    3. Posting, attaching, requesting, offering or trading of copyrighted / illegal / pirated / stolen / plagiarized material, documents, standards and graphics. If you post a copyrighted document, please make sure you have the right and/or permission to do so. If you need to quote from an external source, please provide proper attribution. Please note that this is not an unauthorized file sharing site.
    4. Posting profanity, personal attacks, insults, defamation, harassment, vulgarity, pornographic material, and any religious, political, sexual & racial slur.
    5. Posting your contact information including email addresses is discouraged. Please use the User Profile for any personal information.
    6. Animated images and Company Logos should not be used in user 'avatar', attachments and uploads.
    7. 'Signatures' should not include company names, phone numbers and links pointing to external content on the Internet.

    Any violation of these terms may result in warnings and in extreme cases the member may be suspended or banned from further participation in the forum.

    The site owners / forum administrators reserve the right to approve or reject any member registration.

    These rules will be updated from time to time and may be expanded to provide better clarity.

    Ver 1.0
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