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PPAP - Engineering Approval Challenges

Discussion in 'APQP and PPAP' started by The chairman, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. The chairman

    The chairman New Member

    Mar 21, 2016
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    We're a consumer goods company with a broad supply base that has been (poorly) trying to implement PPAP for several years. One area where we always get hung up is in how to approve that parts are even ready to be submitted for PPAP; this seems to be a "political" debate with each side taking the following stance:

    1. SCM/Purchasing : Will not issue a production PO without either PPAP approval, or a "Risk Buy" form completed that charges another department if parts are not good.
    2. Quality : Will not engage in qualifying parts until they're from a production run.
    3. Engineering : Will state parts are 'engineering approved' via email, but must issue a "Risk Buy" to break the 'chicken-egg' conundrum of #1 & #2
    The problem with the above is that our COO has stated "no more risk buys", as rightly as soon as a risk buy is placed in our organization it's assumed by the quality department that no PPAP is needed on it!

    Can anyone tell me how their respective organizations get around this issue? I've read of "engineering approvals" being a component of the PPAP; can anyone share what that looks like in their organziation and if that resolves this type of issue?

    Thank you!