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No progress on the CERTO database front

Discussion in 'Registrars (Certification Bodies) & Registration' started by Sidney Vianna, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Sidney Vianna

    Sidney Vianna Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2015
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    For the people who have been following this for a while, you know that most enlightened people working in the accredited management system certification sector have been voicing the desire for a global, online, real-time database for all management system certificates covered under the IAF scheme.

    I approached ISO and IAF for the first time concerning this, back in 2003. The response has always been something along the lines of: interesting idea, we are thinking about it...

    Then in 2003/2004, the IAQG put in place the OASIS database, showing once and for all that such database is totally possible. The OASIS database actually became a critical component of the IAQG OPMT certification process and, is in the process of being modernized.

    Back in 2014 we heard rumors that ISO was moving forward with the Certo database, just to find out, months later that the idea was shot down; why and by whom is unclear....

    More recently we heard more rumors that the IAF was going to take on the challenge to create and maintain such database. But, according to some recent news coming from the IAF, it seems that we are not a micron closer to the creation of such tool.

    And, then, some of this people can't understand why ISO 9001 certification has flatlined for a number of years...o_O
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