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Practical Quality Engineering Resources Inspection Sampling Plan for Categorical Data - RQL and AQL Based Plans 2016-03-30

calcuator for determing sample sizes and OC curves

  1. Bev D

    Bev D Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 30, 2015
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  2. Joanne1

    Joanne1 New Member

    Oct 16, 2019
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    Hi. I like your Inspection Sampling Plan for Categorical Data - RQL and AQL Based Plans Excel Spreadsheets. I update our and generate a sampling plan. I don't know how it was determined our current sampling plan. It is an AQL 2.5, ANSI Z1.4,2003, Table II, but it is not falling into the Table II, A, B, C. How can I determine a new sampling plan? What is the meaning of P=0.02 and Confidence =0.98 , and n= 194 in your Binomial Equation. I am seeing also a Confidence table with P%, p, 95%, 99%, ppm. And an n= 196 with p, P(Miss), P(Detect), and Sample Size with Max p, 95%, 99%. I need to create a matrix and a sampling size system and I am not sure if I should clarify how to implement our current AQL 2.5 Table II ANSI Z1.4 or a better sampling size table.

    Our sampling size are:

    AQL 2.5 Table II ANSI

    Lot >=2-50, inspect 5 parts
    Lot >= 51-150, inspect 20 parts
    Lot >=151-280, inspect 32 parts

    Lot >=281-500, inspect 50 parts