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Functional Matrix

Discussion in 'APQP and PPAP' started by Allan_Turing, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Allan_Turing

    Allan_Turing New Member

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Hi there

    Is there anybody to have some experiences in creating the functional (or operation) matrix in automotive industry?

    Before replying me, I want to give you some information about functional matrix. Actually, it interprets the requirements of the business unit (BU) to the software group for producing a vehicle's component. In fact, functional matrix bridges the gap between BU and software group by converting BU requirements to some actions, preconditions, states of other related elements and effects of actions on each other. In DSM module, for example, mirrors are adjusted by a joystick in which they have their own pre-conditions (e.g. up, down or etc). The state of mirrors are changed when the action of mirror adjustment is activated by user. Such these could be considered for other elements or components in a car. For me, collecting these actions, states and pre-conditions as a matrix called Functional Matrix, plays a key role in connecting BU and software group.

    I would be happy if you are able to give me a template of this matrix or any helps to write it down as well as encompassing the requirements of BU.