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Exemplar Global Transfers Aerospace Certifications to Probitas Authentication

Discussion in 'AS 91XX - Aerospace Quality Standards' started by David Sanabria, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. David Sanabria

    David Sanabria Active Member

    Jan 2, 2016
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    Just got an email and here it is:

    Exemplar Global has made a strategic decision to discontinue aerospace auditor authentication activities effective February 29, 2016. We have arranged for your aerospace auditor certification(s) to be transferred to Probitas Authentication, an Americas Aerospace Quality Group Registration Management Committee (AAQG RMC)-approved Auditor Authentication Body (AAB).
    Exemplar Global and Probitas Authentication have worked extensively to ensure a smooth transition of auditor credentials and records. You can expect that:

    • An account has been created for you in the Probitas database
    • Beginning March 1, you may access your new Probitas online account at https://www.sae-itc.org/probitas/
    • It’s important that you review your Probitas account information and update your contact information, if applicable
    • Your relevant records will be transferred into your account and safeguarded. Archived auditor records will also be securely maintained in the Probitas database.
    • There will be no change to authentications in the OASIS database, and your recertification date will remain the same.
    • For recertification, you will receive an email notification from Probitas 90 days prior to your expiration, reminding you to begin the recertification process
    • For annual dues, you will receive an email notification from Probitas one month prior to your anniversary date reminding you to make payment
    • Annual certification fees and/or three-year recertification fees will remain at the current Probitas rate of $245 through December 31, 2017.
    • For those auditors currently in the recertification application or new auditor application process, you can be assured your applications are a top priority and will progress uninterrupted.
    • If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Richard DeMary at richard.demary@sae-itc.org (+1-724-772-8535),or Tammy Patton at tammy.patton@sae-itc.org (+1-724-772-4076).
    Please note that all requests for auditor scope expansions are on hold until we have completed the transfer of the aerospace certifications to Probitas Authentication. Please contact Probitas directly with questions about this.
    Exemplar Global values your business and has appreciated providing your aerospace certification. Customers who hold additional non-aerospace certifications with Exemplar Global are not affected by this transfer. All other Exemplar Global certifications will remain with Exemplar Global.
    “Exemplar Global will continue to honor any other certifications that auditors hold,” says Exemplar Global President and CEO Peter Holtmann. “Your business is important to us, and we will still be providing globally recognized, internationally portable credentialing, certification, and career pathway services.”
    Although we are confident that you will have a positive experience with Probitas Authentication, you do have the choice to have your aerospace auditor certification(s) moved to a different AAB from Exemplar Global if you prefer to not maintain them with Probitas. If you choose to do so, please notify Probitas no later than February 25 by emailing probitas@sae-itc.org.