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But who said we are new to Risk based thinking

Discussion in 'Coffee Break and Community Discussion Forum' started by Ganesh Sundaresan, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Ganesh Sundaresan

    Ganesh Sundaresan Active Member

    Jul 31, 2015
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    You are on your way to Airport by a Taxi from City outskirts; When you are half-way, you come across a beautiful girl asking for a lift; You wish to quickly grab the opportunity and instruct the Driver to stop-by; It turns out that if you were to drop the girl at her intended destination, there is a Risk of losing one more hour before you would reach the Airport; You check the flight timing and understand that you would still be safe for the flight; You avail the Risk without any hesitation to pursue the opportunity;

    You drop her at the destination and find yourself being invited for a coffee time; You get a sense of your Opportunity increasing, but so does your Risk; You do a mental calculation of Coffee time and conclude that, if the Coffee time does not exceed 30 minutes, you would be just in time for the flight; You accept high Risk conditionally to avail a better Opportunity.

    Twenty minutes into the Coffee time, when your Opportunity is laughing out loud, you receive a phone call that would put you at the other end of your wife; You immediately sense the situation and turn the mobile into silent mode to avoid the Risk of being heard of the laugh-out; As it usually happens, your not responding the first Call is followed by few more calls and many more pings; You sense the risk of crossing all dangerous limits and in order to change the likelihood of the Risk, you ping by saying “Honey, I am in a meeting; Will call back”.

    You are now at the end of Thirty minutes and realize that every additional minute spent there would increase proportionally the Risk of missing flight and exponentially the Risk of testing the patience of your wife; As a Risk mitigation plan, You immediately sign-off the Coffee time and bid adieu to the girl;

    You reach the taxi to find your Driver missing there; You frantically call the Driver and find out that he is in his own Coffee time and requests for ten more minutes; You slam the Driver for the loss of ten minutes and tell him in no uncertain terms that he’ll be paid nuts, if they wouldn’t reach Airport on time, thereby sharing your Risk of missing the flight with the Driver; The Driver keeps informed of his Employer about the Risk of losing taxi charge and the Employer decides to bear it on a good-will; You start-off from the place after ten minutes when the Driver is back;

    As you are nearing the Airport signal with only five minutes left for the boarding to close, Green Signal turns Orange and then Red with the count down of 120 seconds; You, for a moment, think about instructing the Driver to jump the signal, but then realize the Risk of being grilled by the Airport Police force; You immediately eliminate the source of Risk by brushing-off the thought of jumping the signal; The Signal turns Green and you reach the Airport just about 60 second left; You pay the taxi and decide not to lose time in taking back the change in order to reduce the likelihood of the Risk of missing the flight;

    You reach the boarding counter just in time with few seconds left and realize that the flight is delayed by 30 more minutes and boarding is yet to commence; You take a deep breathe and rue your missed Opportunity to spend little more time with the girl; You are suddenly hit by the thought of the calls and pings you received from your wife; You find the last one reading “Strange. Your Meeting continues beyond the flight departure time”; You immediately make a call to your wife mentally shuffling for an excuse between a vehicle breakdown and discussion with Boss en route to Airport; You rather successfully change the consequence of the Risk by starting the conversation with “Honey, guess what I got for you”.