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Best Option to Evaluate a Torque Reader?

Discussion in 'Gage R&R and MSA - Measurement Systems Analysis' started by Adolfo, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Adolfo

    Adolfo New Member

    Sep 23, 2015
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    We need to evaluate a Torque reader if we are getting a repetitive lectures,
    And we are on a discussion here,
    Some engineers says:
    We need 1 torque driver programmed to .49Nm, 3 Operators and 30 lectures each operator.
    Other Engineers says
    We need 10 torque drivers programmed to .49Nm, 3 Operators ,(we do not know how many lectures per driver or per Operator)
    and other engineers says:
    We need 10 torque driver first programmed to .3Nm then programmed to .49Nm and finally programmed to 1.0Nm, 3 Operators (we do not know how many lectures per driver or per Operator)

    Which one is the best option so evaluate a torque reader?

    appreciate your help
  2. Eric Twiname

    Eric Twiname Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2015
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    Northeast USA
    My mind is translating this to a Torque measuring device, and a "lecture" is a measurement. If this is incorrect, so will be my comments, methinks...

    One Engineer says you need 1 Torque driver...the others say you need to have 10.
    If you do not already have 10 drivers, then use the option that costs less.

    I would suggest:
    1 torque driver
    3 Operators
    10 items to measure
    3 measurements on each item by each operator

    If you don't need 10 drivers...why buy them just for the test? Do your engineers want to take the extras home after the study?
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