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AS9102 Section 4.4

Discussion in 'AS 91XX - Aerospace Quality Standards' started by Adam Bush, Dec 22, 2020.

  1. Adam Bush

    Adam Bush New Member

    Feb 23, 2018
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    Hillsboro, Oregon
    Having an assembly FAI rejected with my customer quoting 4.4: Nonconformance Handling. Specifically with 4.4.b: Record the nonconforming design characteristics on Form 3, "Characteristic Accountability, Verification, and Compatibility Evaluation.

    Here's my issue: This is an electrical harness where we've added additional shrink wrap not listed on the parts list within the drawing to prevent a shorting issue. We've been through the SREA process approval with the customer to do so. I have an approved NC from the customer stating this is acceptable to use and will be added to next revision of the drawing per their ECR-XXXXX which is in process.

    I have added the new parts list item to Form 1 and stated to view approved NC: Etc. for allowance to use and checked the FAI NOT COMPLETE box for it will be when it rolls revisions and I can delta this issue out.

    Customers' SQE is rejecting my FAIR telling me per 4.4 I have to list this on Form 3. I don't know how to do that because we don't bubble parts list items as they are listed out specifically on Form 1. They've asked me to bubble the parts list and explain on form 3 the new item there as per 4.4.

    We are in a hurry to get this product accepted and through so I am going to do this to appease the customer but I told them I was doing it under protest and disagreed with their interpretation of 4.4.

    Has anyone dealt with this when it concerns adding a parts list item that typically wouldn't go on Form 3. It's a bit common sense to me and it's documented and I think they're taking 4.4 as a very literal statement and missing the fact that this is not exactly a "Design Characteristic" with a subjectable result that would typically go on form 3 such as a dimension with an obvious out of tolerance result.

    Thank you.