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Preparing for the ASQ CQE exam

Discussion in 'ASQ, IRCA, IATF, Exemplar & Related Organizations' started by kimi peng, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopez New Member

    Feb 19, 2018
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    I would NOT say that one needs months to pass the ASQ CQE exam. I crammed it all in within 3 days and passed. It’s doable.

    My approach was that I registered for the exam one month before my testing date, and purchased the Handbook and the Indiana Council Primer. I waited until the last week before studying for the exam. I took 2 days off from work that last week (5 hours of study each day), studied all day Saturday (20 hours straight), and took the exam that Sunday.

    I would echo that pacing oneself during the exam is vital, and having a handbook on hand during the exam is also very helpful. Furthermore, being very conversant with the stats and math portions of the exam is critical. I took 4 practice tests and that helped me get a feel for timing, and how to answer questions accurately and efficiently.

    My past experience includes a bachelors in engineering from MIT and 7 years of work experience. (Shout out to my family who got me an approved calculator, and plastic tabs for organizing my material!)
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