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Indi-Ron Minimal Contact inspection fixturing

Discussion in 'Sampling, Standards and Inspection' started by Justin Hasting, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. Justin Hasting

    Justin Hasting New Member

    Feb 24, 2021
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    Anyone have any experience using Indiron measuring systems that have solid repeatable part fixturing? As it stands at my current job, the normal mounting method for parts to be inspected is using wax to hold part to plate, Manually tilting parts datum axis perpendicular or parallel, centering up manually, then acquiring traces for inspection. Im thinking with the indiron we have if we had the fixturing we could avoid having to tilt and center parts once first part, or fixture is set. Would need some sort of mandrel that would hold parts by ID or OD (only to hold part still not necessarily to repetitively hold in exact same location but would need to be within reason) then a way to pull mandrel down and locate precisely on bottom face of part. Maybe there is an easier way im not thinking of.... Would need minimal contact with mandrel to still have access to majority of part for trace acquisition. Tolerances inspected are between .000005 and .0001 inch on different parts.. Roundness, Runnout, Perpendicularity, True Position, Flatness, and Concentricity are whats inspected on majority of parts.

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