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Problem Solving Presentation 2015-08-26

Tools and methods for problems and improvements

  1. Jennifer Kirley
    The term Root Cause Analysis is confusing because it infers there is a single cause in a problem. However, there can be a range of contributing causes. How can we identify them?

    This presentation was designed to exhibit some of the Seven Quality Management tools that have been used for decades, as well as practical examples of project tools. One or new seldom-discussed concepts are also touched on, such as Fundamental Attribution Error.

    The presentation's goal is to provide some ideas and applications toward robust issue identification and problem solving. I hope this helps!

Recent Reviews

  1. Raffy
    Version: 2015-08-26
    Very informative. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Adnan Rehmat
    Adnan Rehmat
    Version: 2015-08-26
    thanks, very informative
  3. bbzenzof
    Version: 2015-08-26
    very helpful in deed...
  4. Padym
    Version: 2015-08-26
    Very informative.
  5. Nikki
    Version: 2015-08-26
    Great information!