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IEC 61010 for EU Low Voltage Directive

Discussion in 'Other Quality and Business Related Topics' started by Sarah Nuss-Warren, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Sarah Nuss-Warren

    Sarah Nuss-Warren New Member

    Jul 9, 2019
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    We are using the IEC 61010 harmonized standard to certify to the Low Voltage directive. I have two questions about items in the standard and would like to get the community's input on them.

    1) IEC 61010-1 refers to altitude above 2000 m. Is this for instruments to be used in flight, or does it also refer to elevations more than 2000 m above sea level?

    2) IEC 61010-1 refers to clearance and creepage distances as the "shortest distance" with a typical minimum being 0.5 mm. When measuring minimum distances, is it acceptable to round to the nearest 0.1 mm?