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Internal Auditor Certification

Discussion in 'ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management Systems' started by Melanie-Emch, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Melanie-Emch

    Melanie-Emch New Member

    Jan 2, 2018
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    Quick Question - We transferred over to the new standard last year ISO 9001:2015 - For Internal Audits, does anyone know if it is a requirement that the person doing them needs to be fully certified? In the past we've always used someone from another department in our company to perform the internal audits, but they were not certified by anyone or any company.

  2. John C. Abnet

    John C. Abnet Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2017
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    Good day @Melanie-Emch , and welcome to the site;
    In the context of ISO 9001:2015, there is no such thing as an auditor being "certified".

    ISO 9001:2015 refers only to competency, and that is used generically (i.e. not specific to any specific role, but to all roles that affect the performance of the management system.)

    Below is the text in ISO 9001:2015 , which may be helpful to you...

    7.2 Competence
    The organization shall:
    a) determine the necessary competence of person(s) doing work under its control that affects the
    performance and effectiveness of the quality management system.
    b) ensure that these persons are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, or experience;
    c) where applicable, take actions to acquire the necessary competence, and evaluate the effectiveness
    of the actions taken;
    d) retain appropriate documented information as evidence of competence.

    Hope this helps.

    Be well.
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  3. Andy Nichols

    Andy Nichols Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 30, 2015
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    In the "Rust Belt"
    Melanie-Emch: When you say a "requirement" what are you asking? It's clearly NOT in ISO 9001:2015 and I'm certain you know that. So can I ask why you're asking?

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