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"Full Cycle" of internal audits

Discussion in 'ISO 19011 - Auditing Management Systems Guidelines' started by Andy Nichols, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Andy Nichols

    Andy Nichols Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 30, 2015
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    In the "Rust Belt"
    Once in a while the term "full cycle" is used to apply to internal audits. I cannot find a definition of such a thing and it's not mentioned in ISO 19011 as far as I can tell. Can anyone direct me to the correct meaning?
  2. John C. Abnet

    John C. Abnet Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2017
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    Good morning Andy Nichols-
    To your point, I believe a significant amount of inference, opinion, and confusion circulate around this term. I likewise find and know of no official reference within any of the ISO family of standards, including the referenced ISO 19011.

    My past experience has seen this term used mostly in reference to a completion of an audit schedule, which includes every clause of the applied management system standard. For example, an audit schedule for ISO 9001:2008, which includes audits requirements for each of the 5 auditable primary clauses (4-5-6-7-8), has been referred to as an "audit cycle"...or "full cycle". The implication being that once the organization had completed all the audits on the schedule (and thus audited against each of the applied management system clauses), then a "full cycle" had been completed.

    Hope this helps.

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