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Click here to register. Determining the validity of previous measurements

Discussion in 'AS 91XX - Aerospace Quality Standards' started by Phil Scott, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Phil Scott

    Phil Scott Member

    Jul 26, 2018
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    As I understand the last sentence of Measurement Traceability, when measurement equipment is checked for its as received calibration condition and found to be out of calibration, the organization must determine the validity of all of the measurements that may have been adversely affected by that equipment since it was last calibrated and then take appropriate action.

    Many organizations that can't/don't employ a nifty searchable database, or any other way to enter measuring equipment numbers and how and on what they were used, struggle to implement a cost effective process to provide them with information that will help them determine the validity (and impact) of previous measurements. What's more, they have records to substantiate that they have never received any equipment out-of-cal leading to concerns that keeping time consuming records is a costly response to a low probability risk.

    In response, an organization states that when measuring equipment is received in an out-of-cal condition, QA searches all NCR's, CA's and customer complaints, from the date the equipment was last calibrated, for evidence of nonconformities directly related to the out-of-cal condition. If any are found, the relationship to that specific equipment is determined and the impact is assessed by engineering, quality, and the customer (if applicable) and appropriate action taken. If none are found, a record is created of the investigation and closed.

    Do you think this meets the intent of the requirement?

  2. Andy Nichols

    Andy Nichols Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 30, 2015
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    In the "Rust Belt"
    The first thing you should do is evaluate the significance of the OOT condition and compare that to the measurements being made. I wouldn't start searching ncrs etc for something which isn't there...

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